Soldering Frenzy!

I found some time to solder some more of the group buy purchases which came in a couple months ago.  So far I soldered one Renard64XC and 8 SSRNeons.  They are similar to the SSRez, but with two neon lamps so you are made aware when 120VAC is present.

Picture of the first completed Renard64XC5 First Completed SSRNeon Completed SSRNeon

I was able to complete the Renard64XC in one evening in a couple of hours. Two nights later I was able to complete 8 of the SSRNeons in a few hours. I was able to test them briefly by using the Simple Renard Tester 8 channels at a time. I moved one SSR through each group as I tested dimming across all channels. There appear to be no problems with the Renard64XC, although I have yet to try a full sequence that will stress the current drawn and could find issues.

Group Buys are in!

Over at DIYC, there are a handful of people who run these buys. I call them gluttons. The pricing on components for the hardware drop dramatically with volume, so people volunteer their time to coordinate purchases for many members. They collect money, negotiate prices with vendors, sort, and ship the parts out.

Here is a table of this year’s purchases laid out to ensure all parts are received and begin assembly shortly.


This is enough controller for 176 channels. Two Renard 64XCs (and accompanying SSRezs) as well as 6 Renard SS8s.

The only thing left hardware-wise to purchase this year is a pile of extension cords, lamp cord, vampire plugs, enclosures, etc. No more room for electronics left in this year’s budget.