New Renard SS24 Boards

I was lucky enough to finish off my “SS” boards by purchasing two separate boards from DIYC members who are changing their displays next year.  They were purchased through DIYC which meant the sellers sold them as hardware cost only.  I paid the same as I would for a bare PCB and parts, no labor costs.

One is a Frank’s Renard SS24 v3.3 board which is very well built.  The board has a grounding setup and all, so everything is using 3-prong cords and properly grounded.  This board came in an enclosure and has some nifty labels I will be looking into for the units I’m building.

The other is a Renard SS24 HC board, which is also a Frank Kostyun design.  It’s similar in look/layout to the Ren24SS v3.3 board, and similar functionality to the standard Renard ss24, although provides support for up to 6 amps per channel.  This will come in handy when using incandescent lights, specifically my C7s around the roof-line of the house.  This one still hasn’t arrived as the seller has real winters, unlike us in “sunny” California.

One of the plans I have for testing, sequencing, etc. will be to affix lights to the rafters in the garage that I can use when testing hardware/sequences/etc.  I’m sure at some point I’ll have a horrible video of our messy garage blinking and flashing.  Stay tuned!


Counting down to Christmas 2011 already! In the beginning planning stages. My hubby has taken on the task of putting together the boards and equipment to hook lights into, but I have been tasked with laying out and creating our light experience. If anyone has any outdoor decorations, lights or suggestions all are welcome at this point. Thank you!