Tune-To Sign


We wanted to make a custom tune-to sign instead of the vinyl one we previously purchased for our lights. This would add to the uniqueness and creativity of our display. The original idea came from a sign we saw at Bainbridge Circle Holiday extravaganza!. After thinking about it for a while, we got more inspiration from the post-card signs at the end of Disney’s “It’s A Small World” ride at Disneyland. We knew we wanted a hand-made sign and on a recent trip to Disneyland we both saw the post-cards and immediately knew we wanted to model our sign after the post cards.

It's A Small World Post-Card          It's A Small World Post-Card


CNC letters being cut.We quickly realized that wood cut-out lettering was expensive. For 4″ letters it was looking like $4 per letter, and to spell “Christmas On Quiet Hills” and “FM 87.9” we were looking at $108 which was absurd. We called in a favor from our friend Dave from D&J Hollow Wooden Surfboards and he graciously cut letters for our sign.


For an even more custom touch to our sign, we added 6 RGB LEDs to the sign that are synchronized with the show. We used another RF1 like the rest of our wireless pixels and attached it to the rear of the sign.

Tune-To Sign          The RF1 that controls the 6 pixels on the Tune-To sign

Proud Sign Builder

Here’s a shot of the proud sign-builder during 2013 show setup!
Tiffany, proud of her sign.