Hephaestus BOB v0.2

Version 0.2 has been made. For good design practice, my friend Mike Lane suggested I get the decoupling cap as close to the power pins as possible. He suggested a 90° clockwise turn of U1 and moving C1 below to be near the power pins to increase the effectiveness of the capacitor. Here’s the result to be reviewed.


Christmas 2011 has gone!

Christmas 2011 has come and gone!  The lights are now off.

We have already started making plans for next year, and we hope to have at least one major new show element that has not been done (this way) before!  We’ve only seen two similar things in all of the forum posts, YouTube videos, etc. so we hope it will turn out great.

I will be posting updates over the next year detailing more of our setup, display items, and planning.

Thanks for visiting the (self proclaimed) best Animated Christmas Lights in Oceanside!

Opening Night 2011

Our first “official” night is November 26th we will have the lights on from 6-10pm until New Years. The roof lights may not be fully functional until a 7.5V 30 amp power supply arrives from AZ.

Please tune your radios to 87.9 and drive on by for some holiday cheer!

See the “Where Are The Lights” page for more information!

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