How It All Works


E1.31 Controllers

  • RPM’s E1.31 DMX Bridge – This controller takes E1.31 sACN data in for up to 4 universes and splits them out to either Renard or DMX data. It supports output of the RS485 data on the standard Renard pins or DMX RJ-45 pins selectable by jumpers on the board. The protocol used is determined in software configuration.
  • SanDevices E681 – This controller takes up to 4 universes of E1.31 sACN data and controls up to 680 individual pixels. It supports a multitude of pixel types including the GE Color Effects lights we use. This is a major upgrade from the custom Renard-To-GECE controller I designed last year which treated entire segments of GECE lights as 1, meaning the entire segment was the same color.

Light Controllers

  • Renard 64XC -> SSRNeons – The Renard 64XC controller is a 64 channel controller which only has the 5v logic and zero-cross detection (for dimming AC lights) on-board. The actual switching of high voltage AC is done by SSRs. In our case, mostly SSRNeons and a few DirkCheap SSRs. This controls the mini trees, tune-to sign, garage wreaths and more!
  • Renard SS24 – This was the first controller we purchased and assembled. It was actually a Christmas present from Mat’s mom in 2010 to get us started! It is used to control the reindeer, the bushes the reindeer are on top of and rudolph’s nose.
  • Frank’s Ren24 v3 – This controller was purchased from a DIYC member and controls the Mega Tree. It has required repairs since it was built with the infamous bad triacs from ST with date code CHN 912. I replaced 5 triacs before the 2012 season. There is at least one more channel that needs replacing that was noticed after setup.
  • Frank’s Ren24 HC – This controller was also purchased from a DIYC member. The “HC” in the name is for “high current”. It has slightly beefier traces on board and can handle quite a bit more current. For this reason, it was the obvious choice for the mega wreath which takes a whopping 12.4 amps when all segments are on with full intensity.

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