One More Time!

Well after a handful of suggestions from Mike and the DIYC community, I have re-spun the PCB without resistors and without a top plane and a couple other changes.

Here’s a list:

  • All traces are on top without using a polygon for a power plane.
  • Bottom is not cut by any traces (other than the version text) since all traces are on top.
  • J1-6 is no longer ground
  • No 45° angles coming off non-round pads for under-etching.
  • Trace from U1-8 to decoupling C1 is very short.
  • Removed resistors and reduced size after testing breadboard reliability without resistors.
  • Squished the U1 placement silkscreen so it’s not on the solder pads


Hephaestus BOB v0.2

Version 0.2 has been made. For good design practice, my friend Mike Lane suggested I get the decoupling cap as close to the power pins as possible. He suggested a 90° clockwise turn of U1 and moving C1 below to be near the power pins to increase the effectiveness of the capacitor. Here’s the result to be reviewed.


More Setup Progress

We made more progress last night! Getting closer.
* Terminated (most) cables – Most SSRs cat-5 cables are terminated and tested with at least 1 error. No channel 3 on one of the SSRs. Two more need to be tested, and another swapped channel was easily fixed, but needs to be investigated.
* Tested the Mini Tree SSRNeons
* Tested the Front Yard Tree Renard SS8
* Tested the Renard 64
* Updated Vixen Profile for unused channels

What we have left to do:
* Run lots of power cords
* Finish the reindeer (finishing colors, stands, etc.)
* Fix bug in Renard-to-GECE controller I designed for the roof lights
* Test the Renard SS24
* Fix any bad strings of lights (None on the Tree or Mini tree (yet))
* Set up FM02

Tonight’s plans:
* Play with the Renard-to-GECE controller a little more (I have a couple more ideas to fix my issuse)
* Test the Renard SS24
* Set up the FM02
* Run lots of power cords!