About Us



I’m a geek at heart, and have loved Christmas Lights as long as I can remember. As a child I remember the lighted tree on the roof that my grandfather made, as well as some custom stars he made for our house, and my Aunt and Uncle’s house. I was inspired by my grandfather’s ingenuity and as soon as my parents let me, I took over lighting duties as a teenager. I went above and beyond the simple eave lights with a home built cross, NOEL on the roof, and more.

Fast-forward a few years, I have a college education, a family of my own, and finally a home! When I saw the original ‘Wizards Of Winter’ video on YouTube a few years ago, I was amazed and wanted to do something like that myself. Now that I have my own home, the time has come! In 2010 I did a few google searches and found Light-O-Rama. I got buy in from “the boss” and started doing some research and found DIYC (Do It Yourself Christmas). A very helpful community of do-it-yourself Christmas enthusiasts.


Obsess much?


This is our first year, and we’ve bitten off quite a bit with 2 little ones. Some people start with 16-24 channels. We have a little over 100 of “up and running” channels and have hardware for a little less than triple that, not including pixels. I also designed (hacked up) a custom controller turning GECE strings into dumb RGB strips for this year.