We’re alive!!!

Seeing as how our last post to the site was only a couple of small updates a few days into our 2013 show it looks as though we might have gone dormant.

Fear not, for we are busy at work planning for 2014! We have big plans for this year, as we always do.

In addition to making nearly everything in our show wireless this year using Komby gear, we’re adding some new elements and planning for a few new songs.

Tiffany has laid out the changes for the 2014 display including our new tree, arches, and “firesticks.” Stay tuned for “Christmas in July” when we start building these new elements.

Mat has been hard at work contributing to the Falcon Pi Player project including adding support for plugins, as well as making the VastFMT212R work easily on the Pi for sending RDS data as well as audio. In addition, he’s helping (hopefully?) make the Komby code easier to use.