2013 Updates

8 Days into the 2013 season and we’ve had some changes this year already.

1 Storm with decent amounts of rain, but no GFCI trips.

Some sections of mega tree are down for repairs (not noticeable). It’s been pretty cold for Southern California and the new sections of rope light won’t unroll well in this cold. Hopefully tomorrow I can give them a heat treatment and get them replaced.

We had another pixel failure that was replaced “hot” and the string needs to be reset for addressing to be correct.

We added support for Glow With The Show ears. Currently they’re not fully integrated and rely on being pretty close to our tune-to sign. I’m planning on making a second “controller” that will be mobile. The new controller will go wherever the kids are. We’ll make something that can be placed in the driveway, or maybe even across the street at the neighbors’ for the kids (big and small) to enjoy.

We added a new song to the show bringing our 2013 total to 13 songs!