Opening Night 2011

Our first “official” night is November 26th we will have the lights on from 6-10pm until New Years. The roof lights may not be fully functional until a 7.5V 30 amp power supply arrives from AZ.

Please tune your radios to 87.9 and drive on by for some holiday cheer!

See the “Where Are The Lights” page for more information!

Progress for today:
* Installed my custom Renard-to-GECE controllers.
* Terminated all remaining cat 5 cables.
* Ran power for all but the tune-to sign and Frosty
* Split the inflatable Santa into two separate lines, one for the pump, and one for the light.

What we have left to do:
* Mount the reindeer
* Hook Up the lights in the Reindeer bushes
* Fix bad strings of lights (About 4 are known)
* Set up FM02 (Tested this today, but need to make a more permanent installation.