More Setup Progress

We made more progress last night! Getting closer.
* Terminated (most) cables – Most SSRs cat-5 cables are terminated and tested with at least 1 error. No channel 3 on one of the SSRs. Two more need to be tested, and another swapped channel was easily fixed, but needs to be investigated.
* Tested the Mini Tree SSRNeons
* Tested the Front Yard Tree Renard SS8
* Tested the Renard 64
* Updated Vixen Profile for unused channels

What we have left to do:
* Run lots of power cords
* Finish the reindeer (finishing colors, stands, etc.)
* Fix bug in Renard-to-GECE controller I designed for the roof lights
* Test the Renard SS24
* Fix any bad strings of lights (None on the Tree or Mini tree (yet))
* Set up FM02

Tonight’s plans:
* Play with the Renard-to-GECE controller a little more (I have a couple more ideas to fix my issuse)
* Test the Renard SS24
* Set up the FM02
* Run lots of power cords!