First Year Setup

Feeling a little bit overwhelmed right now because of how much work there is to do. This weekend we started setup.

What we accomplished this weekend:
* Lights in the tree
* GECE lights on the roof
* Built Renard SS8 built for the tree (extension cords)
* Lights in the bushes
* Mini trees built/painted/covered
* SSRNeons built for mini trees, bushes, tune-to sign
* Renard SS24 mounted for bushes/reindeer
* Renard 64XC mounted to controller for the SSRNeons
* Brown color painted on the reindeer
* Data/SSR cables run throughout the yard and roofline

What we have left to do:
* Finish the reindeer (finishing colors, stands, etc.)
* Fix bug in Renard-to-GECE controller I designed for the roof lights
* Terminate cables
* Test each controller/SSR
* Fix any bad strings of lights
* Figure out channel counts (bypass unused Renard 64 channels)
* Set up FM02